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Girls in Fur đź‘™ Bikinis


Possibly the most famous girls in fur bikinis are “One Million Years BC” (1966) with Raquel Welch and “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” (1970) with Victoria Vetri. Then there is “The Flintstones” (1960-1966), which firmly established the co-habitation between early man and dinosaur, in a middle-class American suburbia. But as a genre it dates all the way back to the silent era. For instance, in Sweden there was “Stenåldersmannen/The Stone Age Man” from 1919 but sadly now a lost film, as well as Buster Keaton’s “The Stone Age” (1923). Women in Fur Bikini films roughly fall into one of two camps (tribes?): contemporary jungle and pre-historic cave woman films. We feature both this (theme) week, starting with the former.

"Bowanga Bowanga" (1951) - What's that? A tribe of white women in Africa? You bet! And not just any ol' 'white sirens' but Fifties Glamour Girls in skimpy jungle bikinis! Also known as “Ulama White Sirens of Africa”, “Unashamed Women”, and “Wild Women”, this is "nothing less than the Single Greatest Jungle Movie Ever Made," says SWV. And who are we to argue?

"Attack of the Jungle Women" (1959) - Developers from the Pan American Highway Commission stumble upon female tribes in the unfriendly jungles of Central America. Actual footage spiced up with more topless actresses added.

"Virgin Sacrifice" (1959) - Juicy little jungle thriller "Actually Filmed in Guatemala, Featuring Vicuni Savages!" Brutal opening scene of woman sacrificed by savages in ritual masks. Can the Great White Hunter protect gorgeous local babe from being killed next? Filmed in "Searing Tropicolor".

"Tarzana, the Wild Girl" (1969) - Guys love Tarzan. Guys love tits. Combine ’em and you’ve got the guy-friendly Tarzana, the Wild Girl (aka Tarzana, The Wild Woman) a fun, cheesy, wonderfully stupid and marvelously bare­ breasted Italian jungle epic that was originally rated X back in 1970. Stars the gorgeous Yugoslavian-born sex starlet Femi Benussi ("Bloody Pit of Horror") doing her usual day-to-day Jungle-Goddess routine topless.

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"Tarzun and the Valley of Lust" (1970) - A rude and raunchy risquĂ© romp in the woods with wild animals (see horny gorilla above), wilder women, and the wildest tribe of ooga-booga native stereotypes. A savagely simple plot: Jayne love Tarzun. Tarzun love Jayne. Tarzun like Meena. Meena love Tarzun. It's The Eternal Triangle played out in the bush. This sex film was made for those “Storefront Theaters” popping up all over the US in 1969/1970 -- small stores converted into “mini theaters” via the magic of a 16mm projector -- which specialised in sexploitation too strong for what could legally be shown in a “real” theater in the days right before the theatrical invasion of porno. Hilarious Seventies smut from the era that put the X in sex.

"Trader Hornee" (1970) - A hilarious, big-budget sex comedy from producer David F Friedman ("The Erotic Adventures of Zorro"), who will soon get his own Theme Week on Cultpix.

"Jungle Blue" (1978) - Strangest hybrid of exploitation sub-genres: late 70s jungle movie craze meets crime thriller with copious amounts of X rated action. Sinister explorers in the jungles of South America stumble on a tree-swinging wild man, his sex-crazed companion gorilla (a recurring theme!), and a bevvy of scantily clad natives.

"Prehistoric Women" (1950) - Tagline: "Savage! Primitive! Deadly!" Just check them out in the photo below. Stone age women hate men but need them for mating. Women capture men. Man escapes. Man discovers fire. Man drives away dragon-like creature with fire. Queen woman like him more. Queen marry him. Couple make more civilized tribe.

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"Wild Women of Wongo" (1958) - Cute cave girls and beefcake cave men abound in this "enjoyable goofy cult oddity so amazingly stupid that it's almost profound." Stars the gorgeous Adrienne Barbeau and shot in the strange Florida tourist attraction Coral Castle.

"Not Tonight, Henry!" (1960) - Nudie cutie where henpecked hubby drinks away his sorrows in a local bar and dreams himself back to historical romantic settings, all the way back to the Stone Age, with its sexy cave girls.

"Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women" (1967) - Roger Corman got Peter Bogdanovich to direct insert of Mamie Van Doren (technically wearing seashell bikini) in this second re-edit of Soviet sci-fi sage "Planeta Bur" of astronauts landing on Venus and discovering a female tribe.

"One Million AC/DC" (1969) - Nudie caveman comedy with a script by Ed Wood! Rubber dinosaur tears fur bikini off woman and then eats her. Fat cave man looks directly into the camera and says, "Tragedy is done." Then we see dueling lizards.

"Cave Women" (1979) - Annette Haven wrote, directed and made the cave costumes for this anthropological look at sex in the stone ages.

"Cave Girl" (1985) - High-school nerd accidentally travels back in time and encounters stunning cave girl that he tries to bed. On a rock. Bedrock? Geddit? Silly 1980s comedy.

Listen to our rockin' Spotify playlist inspired by Girls in Fur Bikinis.

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