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About us

Cultpix is the largest global streaming service for vintage cult and genre films

We have teamed up with the world’s leading distributors of vintage genre movies like horror, sci-fi, fantasy, sexploitation, martial arts, sword and sandal, juvenile delinquent, mondo, blaxploitation, women-in-prison – you name it – to create the first global subscription community for genre film fans.

You can call it cult films, exploitation movies, genre flicks, cinéma bis, kitsch – we simply call it great movies!

You've been force-fed the established take on film history. Forget about Hitchcock, Bergman, Fellini, Godard and Kurosawa – we re-write film history, and you get to experience the films you never even knew you wanted!

Cultpix is not censored in terms of nudity or violence. (Hey, we’re talking old films here, folks!)

Cultpix will not pass judgement, flag up trigger warnings or over-explain the films or the time they were created in. We believe that free-thinking, knowledgeable fans can make up their own minds.

Cultpix is not a substitute for the true cinema experience. It is not a replacement for your carefully curated collection of VHS, DVDs and LaserDiscs. Cultpix is just a great way to discover amazing films along with likeminded fans. 

Cultpix is a living community for film buffs worldwide, not a one-way-street ”rent the movie and fuck off” streaming service.

Cultpix will be developed over time, with more interactive features. So tell us what you would like to see here. 

Join the film fun - join the Cultpix cult!

Blonde in Bondage (Blondin i fara) (Sweden, 1957) 

Blonde in Bondage (Blondin i fara) (Sweden, 1957)