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Our Crazy-ass Big Ambitions for Cultpix


Cultpix is not just a streaming site for cult films - it is a community for people who love and are obsessed with genre films. This has been our ambition from Day One and the reason we have been collecting, watching, sharing, selling and travelling around the world to talk about films for years. Weird films, naughty films, films that many hate, films on 35mm, VHS and LaserDisc, films that we are desperately searching for a half-decent copy of. Cultpix is about films and people who love them passionately. 

We are not a technology company. The hint is in the name: 'Cult' - rather than 'Net' - 'Pix'. Chances are if you are reading this you have a wall of DVDs or a basement stuffed with video tapes, some with recordings of late-night cable television screenings of your favourite horror film or flick that flashed more flesh than prime time viewing would allow. We sure have. Cultpix is not looking to replace that. Hang on to your collection and buy more, because buying DVDs supports small distribution labels that are doing this because they are passionate and not because it makes them rich. 

Streaming is just a delivery mechanism for films to your home, saving you a proverbial trip to Blockbusters or (more likely) your local specialist video rental store. But the internet is what brings together all of us cult film fans, young and old, boys and girls, freaks and nerds. You are our tribe and we are you! Cultpix wants to be your new home for great film experiences, because experiences are always better shared. 

So there are a ton of things we have planned for Cultpix that goes beyond adding more films to the site. So as a first step we are building a presence on social media. We don't just want you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (we are also on Twitter, but they won't even give us back our handle, those morons!). We want you to tell us what you think, which films you like, what you'd like to see in the future and how we can make it better. So long as Covid is rampaging we can't see you in person, so let's meet here for now. But this is just the start. 

We are launching a weekly newsletter called The Weekly Exploiter to keep you updated on all that is new and happening on the site and elsewhere. It will feature our Theme of the Week and films and TV shows added or coming up. 

Next up we are dipping our proverbial toes in the world of podcasting, with your hosts Django Nudo and Smut Peddler discussing the film(s) of the week, playing you clips, talking to guests and interviewing fellow cult film fans, as well as competitions, give-aways and more. Having only been guests on other people's podcasts but never done this ourselves, it should be interesting. But, hey, between us we've recorded music albums and worked in radio, so how hard can it be? (Famous last words.)

We will host viewing parties where we agree on a time and film when everyone is invited to watch it and talk amongst ourselves. We have tried this with friends over WhatsApp and it can be great fun. Let us know how you have done it and which technology worked best for you. 

Beyond that we are looking at what we can do out in the the real world, as soon as Covid becomes less than an issue. Because a cult should not just be online but in groups. We will have screenings in cinemas, host annual conventions all over the world, arrange meetings with your favourite cult film talent and whatever more shit we can dream up. We are not doing this because we think it will make us rich (at least it hasn't in the thirty-plus years between us that the two of us have done this), but we know we will have fun and we think you will too.

So Cultpix is not something that belongs to the two guys who founded it, but is an embodiment of an ambition we have always had, which is to connect with fellow cult and genre film fans and share our love for the kind of films you will not find on more reputable sites. We want it to be your Cultpix.